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The Raven

She saw The Raven in her dreams. Now her life's a nightmare.

No matter how hard she tries, Rebekah just doesn’t fit in at her prestigious Ivy League prep school. The cruel, privileged students ridicule and bully her on a daily basis. And instead of standing up for herself, Rebekah retreats into a dark, unsettling world of nightmarish visions . . .


In her dreams, a cloaked figure named The Raven gives her a chance to turn the tables on her tormentors, and exact bloody revenge. At first, she secretly relishes the power, but then Rebekah discovers her dreams have terrifying consequences: The Raven’s brutal revenge is real.


Ripped straight from the pages of Edgar Allan Poe, The Raven unlocks deep truths about humanity and tackles self-worth, morality, and the pain of doing what’s right at all costs.

Praise for The Raven

"Edgar Allan Poe's poem, 'The Raven,' is used in such a creative manner . . . adds to the mystery." –Screencraft

Fans of Edgar Allan Poe and Urban Legend will love this "unexpected" tale. (Screencraft)

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666 Gable Way

Something evil hides within the House of Seven Gables…


Phoebe Pyncheon hasn’t had an easy life. Alone and out of work, she does her best to make ends meet while she finishes her debut novel. But when even the monthly rent becomes too much for the struggling young writer to afford, she is forced to move into her Great-Aunt Hester’s boardinghouse.


Known as the House of Seven Gables, this Victorian mansion is a maze of decrepit halls, musty old furniture, and faded glamour. At first, Phoebe feels at home in the strange, quirky old house. But soon she senses a presence lurking in the shadows, just out of sight. She hears it breathing in the darkness, feels its cold touch on her skin at night. Then the police knock on her door with news of a dead body found nearby. And Phoebe discovers the terrifying truth.


The House of Seven Gables is a temple to an ancient evil, a terrifying power unleashed by Hester and her coven of friends. This dark entity haunts the stones of the old mansion, plotting its revenge upon the living.


But a secret power hides within Phoebe as well. And releasing it may be her only chance to survive the terror that awaits her…

Praise for 666 Gable Way

"Lamia (Scavenger Hunt) and Crook’s chilly, claustrophobic supernatural thriller puts a contemporary spin on Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The House of the Seven Gables . . .This page-turner will keep readers up late at night. Hawthorne fans should be pleased." -Publisher's Weekly 

"666 Gable Way is a perfect intersection of Victorian values and witchy séances, and a modern nihilistic attitude . . . a dark and mysterious novel with a cast of intriguing and beguiling characters that is difficult to put down." -Gloria McNeely Writer

"I recommend this book for lovers of haunted houses and dark magic." -Horror Bound

"Chilling and deliciously horrible." -Midwest Review

Scavenger Hunt Book Cover
Award-Winning Book

Scavenger Hunt

Winning the game could change your life. But losing the game could end it.


Caitlyn Nylo is rich, driven, and ruthless. As CEO of her father’s game company, she made Nylo Corporation a worldwide success. But at a cost. Along the way she lost her marriage, and she rarely sees her twin daughters. Her job is her life, and it’s the best game she’s ever played.


After her eccentric father unexpectedly passes away, Caitlyn is stunned when she learns that instead of leaving the company to her, he has chosen to make his five heirs compete in one last game . . . 


A scavenger hunt with a twenty-billion-dollar inheritance waiting at the end. But it turns out that losing a life in this game is more than symbolic. When a live video shows the brutal murder of one of Caitlyn’s greedy brothers, the surviving heirs discover a terrifying truth . . . 


Someone is controlling the game. Soon old secrets and sibling rivalry take a dark turn, as Caitlyn and the others confront the demons of their past in their search for clues. What began as a family scavenger hunt has been twisted into a maniacal death trap, from which the evil Game Master offers no escape. And when the game is over, only one of them will remain alive…

Praise for Scavenger Hunt

"This punchy and often witty novel will appeal to the game-player in everyone." -Publisher's Weekly

"This thriller taps into the egocentric motivations behind gamers who like a high-stake hunt." -Brock Gaming

"Scavenger Hunt gave me that Tron/Ready Player One vibe, but more horror involved." -Review

"Brilliantly structured . . . a taught, edge-of-your-seat thriller." -ScreenCraft

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