Midnight Mass & More

Current book, tv show, or movie you enjoyed?

I came late to the party on this one, but I love the series MIDNIGHT MASS on Netflix. It has elements of horror, but matters because of the great characters in the story. It’s creepy… and the creepiness is integral to the story. It helps us connect to the true stakes of the situation that these characters find themselves in.  I love the conversation around religion that it spurs. It’s not an argument for or against. It’s a conversation about it, using a propulsive story-driver to bring us through it.  I also love the pace of the series. Bits and pieces of information are shared with us, building a mosaic of story that just keeps ramping up in intensity and scariness.  And the music is fantastic. Often the juxtaposition of the music and the circumstances creates this strange synthesis that pulls you in and hooks you emotionally.

As far as books… Salman Rushdie is not necessarily current, but he will always matter, especially in these dark times. The Ground Beneath Her Feet is my favorite. He spins a tale with magic and passion like no one I’ve read. He’s my favorite and as I sit here writing this, I reflect on him fighting for his life in a hospital bed after being stabbed for the great sin of telling powerful stories.

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